Ultimate CSS Grid Course, From Beginner to Advanced

Create CSS Grid layouts using the new grid system & use it together with CSS3 Flexbox and Sass for an amazing workflow

What you’ll learn

  • Know and understand That the CSS Grid specification.
  • Produce real-world grid designs blazingly fast.
  • Know how far CSS Grid matches Flexbox.
  • Know even innovative notions from the CSS Grid spec.
  • Utilize all new attributes set up for CSS grid designs.


  • Fundamental HTML.
  • Fundamental CSS.


In this course, you will learn…

  • Discover how to use all of CSS properties found in the CSS Grid specification.
  • Complete a number of exercise sheets to use your new skills and make your own designs with CSS Grids.
  • Write readable and succinct CSS codefor complicated layouts.
  • Sketch layout prototypes in no time with CSS grid designs.
  • Learn the fundamentals of how this complements Flexbox and may work in conjunction with Sass.

What Students Say About My Web Design Courses

1) In my Flexbox class:

“Well clarified. Efficient teaching. Fantastic ability to find out for CSS. – Shane

“Thanks to the class I have the knowledge that heading to rework 70 percent of my current job simply to maximize and also simplify the scripts and CSS. . I managed to make all a”holy grail” design, reactive design with NO additional CSS, and convert an present template, cutting back the code by 90%, in under two hours after finishing this class” – Paul

“Really clear and coordinated explanation regarding flexbox. It covers all you want to know more about the subject. This is only one of the few classes that promises to be”complete” and is! Really well done! Thank you Peter.”

2) In my Sass class:

“Fantastic course! Very detailed and useful!”

“This class gives an superb detailed look at ways to get up and running using SASS/SCSS. I began with no experience with it and am now very comfortable with it in all of my endeavors. Highly suggested.” The teacher was really knowledgeable about SASS/SCSS and managed to provide examples and explanations which were relatively simple to follow supposing you have a fairly good comprehension of CSS. Would definitely recommend the course to anyone that has a basic comprehension of SASS/SCSS and wishes to learn more.”

What You May Anticipate

As always, I will answer all of your queries in the path that will assist you on the way.

You will find several practice exercises contained within this class that you use what you know, together with my suggested options to appear on GitHub. That means you’re going to get to use and manifest your abilities straight away.

Remember there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so feel free to have a look within the course together with any danger. Additionally, there are a number of complimentary preview lectures readily available for you to determine if this program is right for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Web designers who wish to improve their abilities and build maintainable layouts quicker.
  • Anyone who would like to remain on top of present development in web technologies.
  • Early adopters who wish to understand what the (near) future of CSS will look like.
  • Anyone interested in CSS.

4.4 (295 ratings)
2,079 students enrolled
Created by Peter Sommerhoff
Last updated 6/2018

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