The Complete Flutter and Firebase Developer Course

Build Stunning Serverless Android & iOS Apps using Google’s great new mobile UI framework.

What you’ll learn

  • Construct a Gorgeous Flutter Program from scratch.
  • Dart Programming expertise for additional Frontend and Cellular jobs.
  • Cloud Firestore Database integration with our Flutter Program.
  • Firebase Authentication to our Flutter Program.
  • Firebase Functions to securely manage adjustments to Cloud Firestore.


  • No Ahead Knowledge is demanded! – Simply get Excited about studying.
  • Access to your computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
  • A completely free Firebase account via Google (We will help you through creating one!).


Flutter is now Google’s new NEW portable UI frame build to create creating beautiful and operational ports for both iOS and Android natively. Flutter Programs are composed in a language named Dart, which is an easy client/server language which you will find out on the way!

This training course is designed particularly for individuals just starting out with Flutter and Mobile growth who wish to construct a fully working, program that serves an actual purpose. You are going to find out to tie your program into Firebase services so as to make it really Serverless.

Some of Those Firebase Services you’ll Find out along the way:

  • Cloud Firestore – NoSQL Cloud Database.
  • Firebase Storage – Raw Cloud Document storage.
  • Google Sign-in Authentication – Plus Alternatives to add sign-in for GitHub, Facebook, Email etc…
  • Firebase Works – Compose quite a few Cloud capabilities our program with use to securely manage requests.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to kickstart a profession or hobby creating programs.
  • Anyone who would like to develop magnificent cross-platform mobile programs.
  • Anybody who has worked together with other UI frameworks and are wishing to up-skill.
  • Anyone desiring to learn how to code in a sensible manner.
  • Anybody seeking to start Building Serverless software.

4.3 (567 ratings)
2,567 students enrolled
Created by Nathan Glover, Rico Beti
Last updated 1/2019

Size: 4.61 GB



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