The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp

Master Functional Programming techniques with Elixir and Phoenix while learning to build compelling web applications!

What you’ll learn

  • Think with a Functional Programming mindset.
  • Usage Phoenix to build engaging and FAST internet apps.
  • Understand typical Elixir phrase structure and style patterns.
  • Master the OAuth circulation with Phoenix for authentication.
  • Learn the concealed tricks of Phoenix.


  • Basic understanding of another programming language – Javascript, Ruby, C#, PHP, or similar.


Elixir and also Phoenix metro are two of the hottest technologies of 2017.

Practical Programming? You will certainly learn it. Phoenix metro with OAuth? Its here. Postgres for information storage? Certainly! Websockets also!

This course will certainly get you up as well as running with Elixir and also Phoenix az quickly, and educate you the core knowledge you require to deeply recognize and develop exceptionally quick internet applications.

We’ll begin by mastering the basics of useful programs with Potion, including functions, components, and also the wonderful ‘pipeline’ operator. You’ll find out just how FP varies from traditional object oriented programs with a range of different useful instances. Once you have a strong understanding of Elixir, we’ll talk about exactly how to build amazingly fast applications with the Phoenix Framework with an in-depth app. Resource code is provided for each lecture, so you will certainly always remain updated with the training course pacing.

If you are brand-new to Elixir, or if you have actually been working to learn it but often seem like you still do not rather ‘get it’, this is the Elixir program for you! To learn Potion and also Phoenix az you need to recognize them.

  • Find out exactly how to utilize Elixir’s integrated library to clean up your code.
  • Master the differences between functional and also object oriented shows.
  • Realize all of the different pieces of phrase structure alike Elixir programs.
  • Develop interesting and difficult tasks that have sensible usages.
  • Create an internet app using Phoenix metro that can be broadened in a selection of various means.
  • Go behind the scenes of Phoenix metro and also learn exactly how the internals function.
  • Master the OAuth circulation by verifying users with the Github Public OAuth solution.
  • Method dealing with databases by incorporating Postgres right into your application.

I’ve built the training course that I would certainly have wanted to take when I was finding out Potion and Phoenix. A training course that clarifies the ideas and just how they’re implemented in the best order for you to find out and also deeply comprehend them.

Who this course is for:

  • This training course is for any individual aiming to find out Elixir and also Phoenix.

4.8 (7,879 ratings)
18,768 students enrolled
Created by Stephen Grider
Last updated 4/2018



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