How to do a Manual SEO Audit in 2019

Technical SEO Training: CASE STUDY + Top 30 SEO Strategies + SEO Resources + Top SEO Trends for 2019 + Local SEO Audit

What you’ll learn

  • According to a CASE STUDY and comprehensive investigation, this class will teach you how you can run a suitable manual SEO Audit at 2019, identify issues and also discover overlooked chances. Win BIG with SEO at 2019 and conquer your competitors!
  • Are you currently a Search Engine Optimization expert? Review this class and be certain you are after all the essential steps necessary to run a suitable SEO Audit at 2019.
  • If you’re a company owner or a Chief Marketing Officer, then you might choose to use this class for a benchmark, and examine the job of your search engine optimization team. Can they know what they’re doing?
  • This training course is ideal for HR professionals. Are you currently hiring? Learn exactly what you will need to understand, and inquire to possible candidates the proper questions! This training course is simple to follow along with clarifies theories, and includes a wealth of examples according to a case analysis.


  • You have to get a simple understanding and some experience with Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ), and that means that you may quickly grasp ideas and theories without a lot of direction. This training course is mainly for students with intermediate to more advanced search engine optimization knowledge.


“Awareness is the gold” and in regards to Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ), this announcement could not be any nearer to the reality.

You do know that as you’re reading this paragraph, then your opponents are attempting to encircle you and outrank you, correct? They need your customers, they wish to take from you exactly what you’ve been worked so difficult for, and they’ll not have any guilt should they view you eliminate everything.

Would you worry just a bit? I believe that you need to…

I’ve got you covered!

The aim of the program is to allow you to succeed by identifying issues and over all by detecting missed chances.

When you run a correct guide Search Engine Optimization Audit (SEO Audit), you may make certain that the wellness of your site is up to speed, you’re maintaining with search engine algorithm changes, technology changes, and you’ve got the capacity to conquer opponents that are attempting to outrank you in their very own game!

As soon as you’ve an superb comprehension of the present status of your search engine optimization efforts, and you’re able to see what has to be performed, then you are going to have your very best opportunity to compete and over each win.

This training course is based on comprehensive study, utilizes an Internet Search Engine Optimization CASE STUDY to make it a lot easier for you to comprehend theories, and stocks a wealth of strategies, tools, resources, trends and whatever else you have to understand to be able to become prosperous in 2019.

“SEO AUDIT MASTERCLASS: The best way to perform a Manual SEO Audit at 2019” signifies pure gold – it’s the understanding you’ve been on the lookout for to attain the outcomes that you really have been looking for.

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Who this course is for

  • SEO Professionals: This program is mainly for students with intermediate to advanced search engine optimization knowledge who wish to understand how to perform a suitable guide Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization ) Audit at 2019.
  • Spend tens of thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands of dollars on pay-per-click (PPC), or even find out to reap the long-term advantages of SEO. Use this class as a benchmark and confirm the job of your search engine optimization teams.
  • HR Pros: Are you currently hiring? It’s a simple fact that the majority of HR professionals don’t understand the dynamics of SEO and should they employ people they don’t always concentrate on what actually matters. Learn exactly what you want to understand, and ask prospective candidates the ideal questions! This training course is simple to follow along with explains theories, and contains a wealth of examples according to a case analysis.

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