Naked C#: A Beginner's Guide to Coding

The bare bones of programming without the bling!

What you’ll learn

  • Utilize the fundamental threshold concepts underlying all programs languages to write C# programs.
  • Take their knowledge of C# and also adapt it in a range of settings that utilize C# such as robotics, Unity, Visual Studio and also Unreal.
  • Shift from C# to utilizing other shows languages effortlessly.


  • You must have the ability to use a Windows or Mac equipment at a newbie level.


This training course will certainly not instruct you to come to be a designer. Programming is like fighting styles, it takes years and also years of practice. No course can make you a master whatever it assures. What this program WILL CERTAINLY do is offer you a solid foundation in programs as a skill forever making use of C# as the lorry. You will learn about the basic nature of the computer as well as how to connect with it via the development of programs to perform a range of jobs and solve countless troubles. Following the exact same educational program made use of to instruct 1st year computer science in college in the initial 6 months of a level, you will discover not just what to program but 1) why it is simulated that as well as 2) how you can broaden your capability in programs yet single course.

The subjects covered consist of:

  • Bits, Bytes and Binary;
  • Administration and also Manipulating Memory;
  • Performing Mathematical Workflow;
  • Creating Dynamic Program Execution with Reasoning;
  • Creating Repetition for Fast Data Processing;
  • Taking Care Of User Input; and also,
  • Checking out and also Contacting Documents

The course product has actually been created for students using either Windows or Mac computers using the easily offered Mono C# compiler. It is well paced covering each idea in bite sized pieces and filled with hands-on workshops that will construct jobs across a selection of domains. Several of the programs that will certainly be created consist of:

  • a Caesar Cipher for encrypting message;
  • an Executioner Video game;
  • a Number Speculating Game;
  • a Chatterbot;

keeping and also retrieving names and also addresses in a documents; and
reading and handling message from a webpage.

At the end of this program you will certainly be outfitted with a tool kit of skills that you can use in your task as well as everyday life making you much more employable and also relevant in today’s marketplace.

What trainees are saying concerning this training course:

  • Cent is a really great teacher, this is the kind of C# course I’ve been looking for as well as it is ideal for what I need now. I would extremely advise it.
  • This program has actually been remarkable. I knew practically nothing about coding, and now I’m halfway thru, loving it, as well as finding out a BUNCH! Wonderful educator, clear and succinct lessons with lots of possibility to discover, test code, experiment, and consistent tests and also difficulties. 5/5
  • I’m a musician, code was constantly something that I had the need to learn but at same time I always assumed it was something also complicated and also monotonous, till I decide to get this program and also begin viewing these videos. Whatever is effectively explained, she instructs actually well, straight to the factor. Currently I’m finding it extremely enjoyable to find out and also I have actually been doing the training course and enjoying the video clips as if it were a Netflix series. I get thrilled at every new thing that appears:D I likewise love when you have to do difficulties, it resembles a game, very fun. It is really easy to adhere to, also if you have absolutely no understanding in coding, like me when I started. Recommended!

Who this course is for:

  • Everybody that wants to code and thoroughly recognize what they are typing into the computer system.

4.8 (867 ratings)
2,768 students enrolled
Created by Penny de Byl, Penny
Last updated 7/2019



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