Learn Ionic 3 From Scratch

Create Cross Platform Mobile Applications with Ionic 3, Angular 4, TypeScript and Firebase.

What you’ll learn

  • Produce a mobile program that interfaces with the GitHub API.
  • Produce a real-time chat program using Ionic 3 and Firebase.
  • Make an application prototype using Adobe Experience Style.
  • Possessing a UX driven approach to program development.
  • Know the intricacies of Ionic 3 and Angular 4, and then utilize them to create strong cross platform mobile applications.
  • Integrate many different Ionic Native plugins along with your cellular programs.


  • An understanding of JavaScript.
  • A concise comprehension of Angular and TypeScript will be valuable, but not finally required.


With over 10 hours of articles and longer to come, this program is your ultimate learning source for Ionic 3.

In case you’ve observed some of Paul Halliday’s work before, you understand he is dedicated to supplying up-to-date, comprehensive video content using a transparent cut strategy.”

You might have seen other classes available on the marketplace which are available to buy already, yet have not been upgraded to Ionic 3 or even using the most recent Angular theories or attributes. Paul releases daily videos on his YouTube station and his devotion to the program content is identical. By purchasing this program, you are investing in your cellular development future since you are able to be more confident it will be upgraded as time continues.

This training course is community oriented and also the conversation tab may be used to showcase your own advancement, indicate content thoughts, request help, and a whole lot more.

Software Constructed

Before interacting with any API, we produce our mock information and TypeScript interfaces to get a strongly typed method of advancement.

We then consider creating’Beep’, the societal chat program in UX design all the way to complete implementation*. As you observe the program we design the program in Adobe Experience Layout and look at implementing the several features to a manufacturing standard within our undertaking.

We utilize Firebase for our real time database and authentication, in addition to the newest release candidate that comprises the modularisation of AngularFire2 into various packages.

From the conclusion of this program, you will have the ability to create cross platform mobile applications utilizing Angular 4, TypeScript and Ionic 3. This means that you will be able to:

  • Produce high-performance mobile software using internet technologies (HTML5 and JavaScript).
  • Have a powerful portfolio of software and Comprehension of Ionic 3, TypeScript and Angular 4.
  • Master that the Ionic 3 CLI using a department dedicated to it’s use.
  • Utilize Ionic Native and Cordova to hook to native device features.
  • Theme your Ionic software with bespoke fashions, and understand common entry patterns.
  • Boost performance of your Ionic 3 software using idle loading.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to create cross platform mobile applications utilizing the most recent web technologies.

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Created by Paul Halliday (BSc Hons)
Last updated 6/2018

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