Drone Programming Primer for Software Development

Fly a simulated drone and learn of the open source software projects that are empowering today’s drones!

What you’ll learn

  • Students will obtain understanding of this open source software tools which compose the drone’s program stack.
  • Understand how to create high level drone programs in python.
  • Be in a position to test code that they write on a simulated automobile running on their PC.
  • Utilize this foundational opening knowledge to explore advanced drone computer software subjects.


  • Standard linux understanding of command line commands (cd, mkdir, vi etc).
  • Standard python understanding for your own dronekit section. (Recognizing of any additional programming language ought to suffice).
  • Only equipment that’s required is a computer having an online connection.
  • NO DRONE IS REQUIRED. We utilize a simulated automobile within this program.


Welcome to the Drone Programming Primer for Software Development, in which you may learn of the center open source software jobs which are fueling the development of the drones!

The assortment of open source software jobs empowering drones (that we’ll call the flight pile ) is exceeding its hobbyist roots and is branching out into business programs at a high pace. This will translate to need for drone engineers/developers who know the open source flight pile.

This class will serve to introduce and familiarize you with all the flight pile, which comprises the following:

  • Firmware (To conduct the drones hardware).
  • Middleware (Communication adhesive between jobs ).
  • API to Firmware (High degree controlling of drone with Ground Control Stations and Python scripts).

Think of this class as a gateway to becoming a drone engineer/developer. We’ll cover each one the layers of this flight pile, with marginally more attention on the API into Firmware layer. We’ll utilize a simulated drone because our test car, which means that you may begin drone coding directly from your PC!

There are 5 chief segments that contain more than 3 hours of complete content.

Each subject contains:

  • A high-level introduction into the topic.
  • A low-level dip to the particulars along with application of the topic.

Here are a few of the topics you are going to learn about in this program:

  • Understanding of the significance of every element which makes up the flight pile.
  • The available source autopilot program endeavor of ArduPilot.
  • The way to fly a simulated drone out of your personal computer operating the ArduPilot codebase.
  • MAVLink middleware and the way it’s used as a communicating glue at the flight pile.
  • Ground Control Stations and also how they utilize MAVLink to socialize with drones.
  • Python scripts which use DroneKit and version your own drone within an OOP object in a python script, letting you control a real drone from python.

This Program Isn’t appropriate non-motivated non-technical Folks:

This class presumes that you have some requisite understanding of very basic Linux command line controls (such as cd, mkdir, ls etc). There are loads of online resources for getting up to speed if you want to know more about drones however lack this understanding. Standard python understanding will also be helpful when we enter the final section of this class (dronekit). You have to know more about the basic tabbing principles and syntax in python, and also understanding of how to create acts will probably be a plus also. But, all python scripts in this class will be shown at the movies, letting you follow along with python knowledge if you’re so courageous. In case you’ve got basic programming knowledge, picking up the python syntax must only take approximately 30 minutes to get a fundamental comprehension.

What about necessary instruments to follow along with this program?

All you will need is a pc! The software tools we’ll use and learning are completely free, and we’ll be analyzing our code onto a drone that is simulated.

If you join at the moment?

Check out the complimentary workshops first and see whether you believe this program is ideal for you. We provide a 30 day money-back guarantee on this program, which means that you could always return it if you pick later the class was not for you.

Who’s the target market?

Anyone falling to the under three sections that wish to receive knowledge on the open source drone computer software jobs which will make them invaluable resources to the drone market.

  • Experienced Engineers/Developers trying to pivot their skillsets into tomorrow’s high development job marketplace of drones.
  • Hobbyist or even Coders with trendy drone DIY jobs in mind.
  • Motivated non technical men and women who may independently learn the simple Linux and python understanding to follow along on this program.

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers or Programmers seeking to retool their skills for drone computer software development.
  • Hobbyists or even Hackers with trendy DIY drone jobs in mind who wish to find out more about open source drone computer software.
  • Anyone who’s motivated and wants to understand how to begin communicating with drones.

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