Chess: Learn to Play the Sicilian Defense

Improve your chess opening skills to defeat strong players!

What you’ll learn

  • Play the Sicilian Defense Baseball Introduction.
  • Defend from the Sicilian Defense baseball introduction.
  • Play several variants of the Sicilian Defense baseball opening.
  • Examine many different chess positions.
  • Defeat powerful chess players at the opening.


  • Standard understanding of chess.
  • The way to move the chess pieces.


THE SICILIAN DEFENSE has been among the most popular chess openings played in all levels. And for good reason, it is a really fun opening to perform while also being extremely powerful.

In this Program, you will Learn to play with the Sicilian Defense with the white and black bits, such as:

  • Must understand strategies.
  • Must understand places.
  • Essential defensive motions to prevent checkmate.
  • Essential attacking patterns to conquer your opponent’s king.
  • The English Attack.
  • The Adams Attack.
  • The Closed Sicilian.
  • The Dragon.
  • The Najdorf.
  • The Scheveningen.

Knowing the opening stage of the sport of chess is essential to becoming a powerful player and can help you tremendously in blitz chess since the first several moves of this sport may gain you a massive advantage and have to be made fast so as to conserve time around the clock.

As soon as you complete this course and use what you know, you’ll be a relative pro at the Sicilian Defense and readily conquer most players which won’t be as familiar with its numerous variants and intricacies. Of the very successful launching.

Learn how to PLAY THE SICILIAN DEFENSE, also radically enhance your total playback functionality!

Who this course is for:

  • Chess fans of all stripes.
  • Serious chess players seeking to improve.

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597 students enrolled
Created by Greg Vanderford
Last updated 8/2017

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