Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

Enter the new era of Hybrid AI Models optimized by Deep NeuroEvolution, with a complete toolkit of ML, DL & AI models

What you’ll learn

  • The Way to Construct an AI.
  • The Way to Construct a Hybrid Intelligent System.
  • AutoEncoders.
  • Variational AutoEncoders.
  • Mixture Density Network.
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning.
  • Policy Gradient.
  • Genetic Algorithms.
  • Evolution Strategies.
  • Covariance-Matrix Adaptation Evolution Plans (CMA-ES).
  • Controllers.
  • Meta Learning.
  • Deep NeuroEvolution.


  • High school math.
  • A little programming expertise.


These days, we’re bringing you the king of the AI classes…:

Are you excited on Artificial Intelligence? Do wish to learn how to construct the strongest AI version developed so much and even play it?

Subsequently Artificial Intelligence Masterclass class is the best selection for you. This supreme AI toolbox is all you want to nail it down effortlessly. You’ll get 10 hours step-by-step guide along with the entire roadmap that can help you construct your Hybrid AI Model from scratch.

In this program, we’ll teach you how you can develop the most effective Artificial intelligence version based on the strongest Hybrid Intelligent System. So far this version was the very best state of the art AI ever created beating its predecessors in all of the AI contests with incredibly substantial scores.

By enrolling in this class You’ll Have the opportunity to understand how to unite the below versions so as to attain best acting artificial intelligence strategy:

  • Convolutional Neural Networks.
  • Recurrent Neural Networks.
  • Variational AutoEncoders.
  • Mixed Density Networks.
  • Genetic Algorithms.
  • Evolution Strategies.
  • Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy (CMA-ES).
  • Parameter-Exploring Policy Gradients.

Consequently, you aren’t receiving another easy artificial intelligence program but in 1 package combining a class along with also a master toolkit, of the strongest AI models. You’ll have the ability to download this toolkit and use it to develop hybrid systems. Hybrid Models are getting to be the winners at the AI race, and that means you need to find out to manage them .

Along with this, we’ll also supply you with the complete implementations from both AI frameworks: TensorFlow and Keras. So anytime you would like to establish an AI for a particular program, you can simply catch those version you have to have in your toolkit, and then reuse them for various projects!

Do not hesitate to join us with this EPIC travel in Assessing the future of this AI – the hybrid AI Models.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence, Deep LearningMachine or Machine Learning.

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5,568 students
Created by Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team
Last updated 7/2019

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