Angular JS Complete Course

Learn to build robust Applications with the popular AngularJS framework

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to develop web apps using Angular JS.
  • Learn Internet Application Development with Flask and Angular JS.
  • Learn Protractor & Jasmine.
  • Learn Angular 5 and Angular 2.


  • No previous knowledge is mandatory.
  • In case you have knowledge of html, CSS and JavaScript it can allow you to comprehend concepts of AngularJS.
  • You needed a pc with internet connection.
  • Passion to find out.


Angularjs is a web-application frame that’s preserved by google and also a community of individuals and corporations to simplify the challenges in the growth of single page software. The simplification intends to make the development in addition to testing simpler. It’s best described as what HTML could have been for the event of web-apps rather than web pages.

Angularjs was developed at 2009 by Misko Hevery in Brat Tech LLC to be used for a program behind JSON storage Services. It was later published as an open source library.

Angularjs is extraordinarily beneficial for generating static files, lets the consumer expand HTML syntax to your program which leads to an environment that’s simple and fast to create, readable and expressive. It’s totally extensible nad can be used with different libraries.

These characteristics have been handled as directives to bind together the input and output signal and then lead to a version that’s represented by regular JS factors, the values of that may be placed manually, by retrieved or code by dynamic or static JSON resources.

The design aims of Angularjs are:

To different DOM manoeuvring from program logic.

To Make Sure that the client side and server side of an internet app Stay separate ensuring growth to advance in parallel and reuse of the sided

To supply a frame for the whole process of building a program, all of the way from designing of an individual interface, through the writing of the company code until testing of this program.

Who this course is for:

  • AngularJS programmers who would like to understand how to construct customized directives.
  • AngularJS programmers who wish to take their abilities to another level.
  • Web designers and developers seeking to find out AngularJS.
  • People that are bored with doing everything and wishes to learn AngularJS advantages.
  • Website Designers may also add value for their resume.

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