Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Photo Editing Masterclass

Your complete guide to editing beautiful photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Lightroom CC, both versions!

What you’ll learn

  • Edit photos how you picture, which makes them thing more!
  • Boost pictures, fixing any errors from the own shoots.
  • Know the most essential tools in Lightroom.
  • Establish Lightroom to operate effectively.
  • Make your photographs look exactly the same over all devices such as mobile, desktopcomputer, tablet computers, etc..
  • Utilize Lightroom CC on mobile and desktop.
  • Take raw pictures in your cellphone and edit them in your desktop computer without wires or hard drives.
  • Organize your photographs so you never shed another picture.
  • Learn how to store your pictures on the cloud.
  • Create a gorgeous portfolio website.


  • PC, Mac, or Mobile Device.
  • Lightroom CC.
  • Have a cellphone (if you would like to shoot pictures and edit mobile using Lightroom).


Would you need your photographs to seem… to look amazing?

Would you wish to know the world’s strongest and effective editing program, used by professional photographers?

If this is the case, you’re in the ideal place – and we are pleased to have you!

It is good to have you here.

Perhaps you are a amateur photographer who has done a small bit of photo editing, or perhaps you’ve quite a little photo editing expertise. In any event, we have made this class that will assist you make pictures that thing.

Start editing photographs in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (previously Lightroom CC) and Adobe Lightroom CC now!

The only type you will discover that covers Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Lightroom CC on cellular – it is totally detailed and the sole Lightroom course you will ever want.

You have always wanted to find out how to edit your own photos. Lightroom is the best instrument for you. It is strong, yet intuitive. This class will teach you what to begin photo editing now.


  • MP3 downloads for all editing classes to follow along or listen to the move.
  • Practice photographs to edit .
  • Adjustment brush presets to get specific-use jobs.

We conduct picture studios. And our photographs are featured in major publications.

Plus, the founders of some of the planet’s most popular photography classes – with over 150,000 students and tens of thousands of 5-star testimonials like these ones:

My very first LR class, nicely arranged and easy to follow!

I’m a complete beginner. This class gave me each tool I had to edit my photographs…5 Stars!

I adored this program, I have used Lightroom for some time today, but have constantly used presets to edit my own photographs. After seeing this class I am now able to edit my photographs to precisely how I like them.

We will be here for you every step along the way. In case you have some questions regarding the program content or anything linked to this subject, you could always post a query in the class or send me a message.

We would like to make this the ideal path on how use Adobe Lightroom. If there’s a way we could improve this program, simply tell us and we will make it happen.

When you’re finished with this program, you are going to have the ability to edit your photographs in Lightroom just like a pro. You will have the ability to install Lightroom so it is going to run its very best saving you hours of frustration and you’re going to have the assurance that you are not likely to lose your own images.

You will also be able to decorate images and you will spend less time doing it by expert Lightroom tips and tips. You will also be able to perform expert camera calibration and custom white balance adjustments, a remarkably strong innovative lone button correction.

We will do so by covering Lightroom installation and settings, exposure adjustments, including drama via emotion, mastering Lightroom presets, covering leading Lightroom plugins, coordinating pictures in Lightroom for Mobile, editing in Lightroom for Mobile, regaining details in shadows, the way to edit a picture photograph, the way to create a portrait, plus even more.

Make your photographs glow with this fantastic course.

Every lesson is currently available for downloading, so that you may take it with you wherever you go.


  • Importing and coordinating photographs – like face tagging and standing.
  • Employing basic editing tools to repair photo problems like harvest, white balance, and vulnerability.
  • Editing with innovative practices.
  • Improving portraits and photographs of most individuals.
  • Utilizing Lightroom Mobile to edit the move.
  • Setting up Lightroom to operate economically.
  • Exporting photographs and including watermarks.

Who this course is for:

  • Any photographer – beginner or advanced.
  • Anyone who would like to make their pictures look much better.
  • Portrait and wedding photographers.
  • Landscape photographer.
  • Photo retouchers.
  • Portrait photographers.

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46,987 students enrolled
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Last updated 3/2019

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